How to choose your Mason Pearson Hair Brush

How to choose your perfect Mason Pearson hairbrush match? 

It's not as complicated as you might think. It all depends on 3 factors, your hair type, your hair length and your personal taste.  There are only 3 types of hairbrushes meaning 3 types of tuft; 

  1. Pure Boar Bristle is for fine to normal hair. There is also the 'sensitive' version for thinning hair.
  2. Mix of Nylon & Boar Bristle is for normal to thick hair.
  3. Only Nylon bristles are for thick / harder to manage hair.

mason pearson tuft

So first establish your hair type, if you are not sure please talk to your hairdresser. They will be able to help you, if not you can always ask our opinion of one of your friends of family members. Once you've established that, you choose the type of tuft as shown above. 

Then it is time to choose the size, size matters but this is also personal preference 😉 I for example have a small pocket brush which I can take everywhere in my handbag. But I also have a Junior size brush at home for styling. The pocket ones are perfect for keeping in your handbag or travelling. The bigger sized ones are great to keep in the bathroom. But if you have very long hair, meaning around your bra strap you might opt for a bigger size as this will make brushing your hair much easier and faster. But this is your personal choice, if you spend quite some time styling and combing the bigger ones might be your best bet. More information on sizing here.
mason pearson dimensions
Last but definitely not least, choosing the colour. In all the different tufts and sizes there are 4 colours available, dark ruby (this is basically black), ivory, baby pink and baby blue. I remember my mom gave my siblings and me more than 15 years ago each a pocket one and each a colour. Ivory for me, pink for my sister and blue for my brother. And yes, this brush totally works for men too. My father in law is a great fan too. 
mason pearson colours
Once you've made all these *very* difficult choices, it's time to order and mostly, enjoy this beautiful piece. One might argue that the brushes are expensive, sure they are but they truly are an investment for a lifetime. As said above, I have had my pocket one for over 15 years and it still does the job. I only recently gave myself a bigger one as this helps me for styling my hair at home. And obviously I need to represent my brands the right way being the founder of tawell and all! 

The hairbrushes are also great for a sleeked back bun à la Kardashian or for perfecting your old Hollywood waves. There is a reason why all celebrity hairtstylists use the Mason Pearson brushes, they are so versatile. 

I hope I have inspired you with these tips, please feel free to reach out via chat, Instagram DM, email, phone, wherever you can find me and I'll gladly help you. 

With love,
Tata - founder 🤍

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