The Luxuriate

Pink Onyx Candleholder

€75,00 €149,00

A rare and delicate stone with beautiful translucent pink layers.

The Luxuriate's scented candles are the perfect fit, refillable without any mess. Scents and holders can of course be mixed and matched.

When the candle is all burnt, simply replace with a new candle, or even a tea light. We think the holder would look great in the bathroom too to stock in your toothbrush and toothpaste for example.

Please bare in mind that this is an object made of natural materials so not each candleholder is an exact match with the picture. Lines and waves may vary a bit. Your piece will always be unique.


Tata's Thoughts on the Onyx Candleholders: LOVE these. They are all so classy yet stylish and modern. And because of their unique touch, they are even more worth the investment. The Onyx Candleholders are great even with just a tea light because you'll see a soft shimmering light from within.

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