SACHAJUAN Shampoo & Conditioner Set

€35,95 €41,00


Make your hair ritual complete with a shampoo and conditioner set. Choose by your hair type / target and enjoy the beauty of SACHAJUAN's products. 

Tata's Thoughts: I am going to be completely honest here and tell you I never paid too much attention to which shampoo I was using. Untill I discover SACHAJUAN's Dry Shampoo and then wanted to also try the rest of their line. I gave in immediately! My hair is so much better when using the brand, it's healthy and looks shiny and fresh. Plus the subtle scent is so so good, compliments guaranteed. 

All products are vegan, cruelty free and free from parabens. 


Normal Hair:

- Perfect for natural hair types
- Gentle enough for everyday cleansing
- Increases volume and shine  


- Thickening Technology provides a thicker feel and smooth volume 
- Hair is nourished, providing a foundation for amazing styling 
- Heat and UV protectants shield hair from heat and sun damage


- Weightlessly restores moisture in dry and chemically lightened hair
- Helps repair chemically damaged hair
- Leaves hair healthy and manageable 

 Ocean Mist:

- Contains natural Vegetable Proteins
- Provides structure, volume and strength from the inside out 
- Creates texture and body without adding weight
- Leaves hair strong and shiny

Colour Protect:

- Gentle, low-acidity cleansers preserve pigments from color fade
- Includes Microemulsion Technology 
- Adds bounce and leaves hair with a silky shine
- Protects color treated hair

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