Mauli Rituals

Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil

€30,00 €75,00

A blissful blend of whisper-light botanicals to caress hair, skin and senses, leaving a luminious glow and a gentle veil of pure scent.


To lock in moisture, apply dry oil onto body immediately after shower. Or spray into bath water to cocoon skin and amplify its sublime scent and ruffle through hair to nourish and protect.


Moringa has an oleic acid content of 72%, contains 47 potent antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, 18 essential amino acids, 7 x vitamin C of an orange, 3 x iron of an almond, 4 x calcium of milk and twice as much vitamin A as found in a carrot. The incredible rejuvenating properties of this oil penetrate deeply into skin so depleted minerals and vitamins can repair and revive naturally.
Watermelon Seed is extremely rich in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and with high levels of vitamin B, magnesium and zinc. This light oil provides a gentle moisturiser that penetrates easily into the skin. Sacred Union eliminates toxins, clears blocked pores by dissolving excess sebum and calms skin inflammation. 

Tata's Thoughts on the Dry Oil: I always love dry oils more than regular oils for my skin and this one is just supreme. Smells divine and blends so nicely into the skin. Use after a bath or shower for best results.

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