Tea Infused Eye Gel Trio Kit


Smell is the strongest of our senses and can cause immediate reactions directly linked to our emotions. These tea-infused hydrogels aren’t just designed to hydrate and smooth the undereye, but also contain aromatherapeutic properties to work with your senses. Each 10 minute formula works fast enough to get you going, with just enough “me time” to feel the mood- enhancing benefits.

Kit includes:
• 2 x PERK UP (Invigorating): Green Tea, Bergamot, White
Mulberry. Mood Benefits: Energized, focused, motivated.

• 2 x DOWN TIME (Calming): Calendula, Chamomile,
Lavender. Mood Benefits: Relaxed, calm, serene.

• 2 x HAPPY PLACE (Inspiring): Rose, Hibiscus, Lotus Flower.
Mood Benefits: Creative, joyful, positive.


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