Founder's Christmas List

Dearest readers,


With this guide I want to share a few of my personal favourites and some really notable Christmas gifts that will stand out and not be forgotten under the Christmas tree. 


  1. Mason Pearson Hairbrushes

It's my personal believe that everyone should have a Mason Pearson hairbrush, therefore it's the ultimate (Christmas) gift. They are an investment piece that doesn't disappoints ánd that you keep for a lifetime. I told this many times already and feel like I am repeating myself but I have had a Pocket Bristle & Nylon brush for over 15 years and it's still always with me. Find my guide on how to choose your match here

mason pearson hairbrush



  1. Hair accessories


Staying in a hairy vibe, tawell's newest launch, the hair claws & clips are great Christmas gifts too. They come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colours and the prices are very Secret Santa-friendly. Find them all here

 hair clip flower


  1. Sachajuan haircare


Another one! Sachajuan haircare products. If I am being 100% honest, I never spent too much time or money on high quality haircare. I bought 'random' shampoo that looked okay in the supermarket, until I discovered Sachajuan. Their Ocean Silk Technology is unique to the market and truly helps your hair to maintain and boost elasticity and moisture, while adding a healthy shine to your hair. The brand carries shampoos and conditioner for several different hair types also oils and styling aids. My favourite Sachajuan product is the Volume Powder, kind of works the same as a dry shampoo but adds lotssss of volume to your roots. Big hair, don't care! 💁🏽‍♀️ Find the products here.

 sachajuan haircare

  1. Scalp Massager


Talking about volume and healthy hair, a must have in your shower is our Scalp Massager. This 100% silicone tool helps you while shampooing your hair, it distributes the product, stimulates hair growth as it stimulates blood circulation, reduces scalp tension, helps to loosen dead skin cells (dandruff). A very nice moment suprême is, after a long day wearing a tight bun or ponytail to massage your scalp, instant relaxation. You actually feel your shoulder muscles relax. Or another great one is after day(s) (yes, days, everyone does it) of dry shampoo to refresh your scalp. After a little massage, it feels like your scalp can breath again. 🧖🏽‍♀️ Find it here

 scalp massager


  1. Gua Sha + Yang Sheng Book


Moving to face/skin/self-care, Gua Sha is a beautiful ritual to include in your daily routine. The Hayo'u Method's founder is a Chinese medicine practitioner with tons of experience, she and the brand bring forward a way to transform your overall health. Her book Yang Sheng is a stunning gift for anyone who is interested in their health and open to trying new methods, reading about the healing power of Chinese wisdom and medicine. The brand has a range of different Gua Sha tools to guide you, find them all here. A personal favourite are the Jade Comb and the Clear Beauty Restorer. The Hayo'u Method has a beautiful gift set as well for beginners, lovers, fans and pro's, it includes a Jade or Rose Restorer, Jade or Rose Precision tool and a Beauty Oil specifically developed for the tools. Find them here.

 gua sha set


  1. Patchology Gift Sets / Kits


Last year Christmas bestsellers made the list again as well, the Patchology gift sets. These kits are a mix and match of different yet all bestselling products. The Mistle Toe Kit features the fan favourite PoshPeel feet mask, which peels *literally* everything from your feet. Your feet after this peeling will feel softer than ever. A newcomer is the Serve Chilled Trial Kit which contains 2 different eye gels, the Rosé and Bubbly Eye Gels (each 3 sets). The kit is great for anyone who wants to try the gels. The same eye gels also come in a bigger gift set of 30 sets, the Holiday Spirits kit. Find them here.


patchology set 7. Antwerp's Central Station

Okay look I am from 't stad and a candle lover, this lighthouse for me is a match made in heaven. Now that is's dark at basically 4:30 PM, I love having candles lit around the house and this one is extra cosy. It's a pure ceramic lighthouse, the little windows are hand carved! Its design is Antwerps' very own Central Station, so this is a true must have for all Antwerpenaren, otherwise you're not really from 't stad ze!  Find it here.

antwerp central station lighthouse

8. Home Slippers

Last but most definitely not least are tawell's slippers, they are dreamy to walk on, quite literally like walking on clouds ☁️☁️☁️ They come with or without bows and also for men! Maybe a little moment suprême with hubby? Find them here.

 home slippers with bow


I hope I have inspired you with these tips, please feel free to reach out via chat, Instagram DM, email, phone, wherever you can find me and I'll gladly help you along with a unique gift 🤶🏽


Wishing you lots of moment suprêmes,

Tata - founder 🤍