Mauli Rituals

Himalayan Healing Salts

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A multi-layered blend of Himalayan pink salts, infused with Mauli's Sacred signature blend of 12 therapeutic oils, laced with powdered rose quartz crystals to bring a sense of wellbeing, clarity and calm in an overly stimulated world.

A perfect wellbeing gift for self and others; our healing salts help to balance pH levels so powerful nutrients better absorb deeply into the skin, thereby replenishing depleted minerals, cleansing physical toxins and soothing aching bones and heightened emotions.


Exfoliate; place a handful of salts into running water and immerse yourself for 15-20mins, allowing the healing elements time to absorb. After bathing, do not rinse off but simply wrap yourself in a towel, sip plenty of water to rehydrate and just be.


100% natural and organic ingredients.

Reusable steel vessel, with engraved spoon and the gift of mauli, sealed with tamper proof clear band.

Bright, optimistic sweet blood orange, lime and lavender uplift
the senses, to encourage inner peace and greater clarity. Soft, soothing sandalwood and Himalayan cedarwood; deep, rich vanilla absolute; warm frankincense and patchouli soothe frayed emotions to encourage inner awakening and emotional balance. Sensual jasmine sambac absolute, geranium and intoxicating rose otto help liberate the senses and bring greater passion and self-expression. A dusting of rose quartz crystals opens the heart to love of self and others. 

Tata's Thoughts on these Healing Salts: SO relaxing. If you are in need of some time drifting off to a very relaxed state of mind, these Healing Salts will help you the right way with their soft scent and restorative power.


Images are by Mauli.

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