Lashelle x tawell Travel Kit

€69,95 €88,95

Our Travel Kit contains the perfect products and tools to take with you on vacay this summer. You’ll be carrying around the small handmade travel bag including a pair of rosé eye gels (formulated with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid), the terrycloth headband for both your skincare and make up routine, and a pair of magnetic Cat Eye lashes to complete your makeup look and make you feel sexy and confident all day and all night long.

This exclusive and super limited kit contains:

1 Lashelle Cat Eye lashes €45 (Check our the last images to see the difference on tawell's founder with or without the lashes) / Please let us know if you prefer a different type of lashes. This is possible! Check out the possibilities in the pictures.

1 Travel Bag Small €32 (17 cm x12 cm x 9 cm)

1 Terry Headband €9,95

1 Serve Chilled Rosé Eye Gels (1PACK) €4

Price: €88,95 ➡️ NOW €69,95

About Lashelle's Lashes



Comes with tweezers and lash brush 


1. Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the lashes

2. Put on a layer of your favorite mascara. Before applying the lashes, bend the magnetic strip of the lash to create the perfect fit for your eye

3. Take the top lash and apply on the upside of your eye (use the tweezers to more precise)

4. Take the bottom lash and apply on the downside of your eye (the magnets will do their magic)

5. Repeat the exact procedure on the other eye


Avoid exchanging your lashes with other bombshells for hygienic reasons

When taking them off, store the lashes in their box to keep them safe and clean

You can lean the lashes using the tweezer and the brush to remove excess dirt


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