Mauli Rituals

Reawaken Himalayan Hand & Body Scrub

€52,00 €65,00

Harnessing the finest pink Himalayan salts to draw out toxins and replenish lost minerals.


Melt away muscular aches and pains, stimulate sluggish circulation, exfoliate deeply and ensure powerful minerals are better absorbed into the skin, simply apply in circular motions from tip-to-toe, while in bath or shower and then rinse off as normal.


100% natural and/or organic, bio-degradable, free from synthetics and artificial fragrance.

Lime has clarifying properties, leaving the skin with a fresh veil. Sandalwood has potent, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help fight free radicals. Jasmine soothes the senses and heals even the most sensitive skin. Indian Frankincense helps boost immunity and relax the muscles. Rose uplifts mood while strengthening and nourishing skin. 

Tata's Thoughts on the Body Scrub: this scrub is very firm, quite unlike any other scrubs out there. Leaves you feeling super hydrated after using it in the shower. One of my faves!


Images are by Mauli.

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