SACHAJUAN Body Wash & Body Lotion Set

€62,00 €72,00

Everything is better with two right? 

Save up and get Sachajuan's amazing, enriching body wash & lotion together. 

SACHAJUAN's Body Washes both contain their signature Earth Silk Technology which carefully cleanses, hydrates and soothes your skin as well as giving your body a nice scent.

SACHAJUAN's Body Lotions with Earth Silk Technology hydrates and soothes your skin. It has Anti-ageing and Anti-irritant properties. Fresh Lavender scent gives your skin a hint of lavender with notes of vanilla, musk and tonka bean. While the Shiny Citrus leaves you smelling like fresh citrus and jasmine.

Set contains 1 body wash and 1 body lotion of your chosen scent.

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