Michelle Hufkens

Sexual Empowerment Guide (Dutch)


This book is a practical guide for women to be more in their sensual and sexual power.

It contains tools and rituals to restore and strengthen the intimate relationship with yourself, to get to know yourself better on a sexual level and communication tips to talk about sex assertively and constructively.

It is a compilation of many issues that are dealt with during the Michelle Hufkens' sexual empowerment workshops, but it is also ideal to work with at home (or with close ones).

Book is written and published by Michelle Hufkens (or as you might know her, Intimichi). Michelle is a Psychologist - Sexologist, Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. She does it all! Gives workshops, sex therapy sessions, psychology guidance, yoga & meditation and transgender guidance. Wauw! 
Please note; this book is in Dutch!

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