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Aroma I Madagascar Massage Candle


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This aroma will transport you to the enticing planes of Madagascar with its rich pallet of spices. Market by top notes of sweet aromatic clove that soon give way to the deep warm black cumin. The scent completes with a base note of sweet and woody amber.

Scent notes: Clove, black cumin and amber. 

How to use;

Light the wick and wait for the wax to melt (+- 10 minutes)

Blow out the flame and wait 30 sec.

Check the temperature, poor the warm oil in the palm of your hand and massage onto skin. Or use in hair for extra moisture as a pre-wash treatment.

Avoid the face.


100 ml


Vegan wax from soy bean and coconut oil + beeswax to ensure a low melting point

Free from GMO's, palm oil, mineral wax or paraffin.

    tawell is here to create your ultimate moment of self-care, what we'd like to call a 'moment suprême'.


    A moment suprême is a prime instant of pure bliss that you create with whatever makes you happy in that moment. I've learned this saying because my parents used it basically every Friday evening, when food was ready, about to begin a great movie while being in the comfort of our home, with the love of my siblings and our dog surrounding us. 


    For me now, I have quite some moments of pure bliss. It is still that Friday evening after a busy week with that plate of food and Netflix, while wearing pj's and a home full of lit candles. But it is also a moment to myself with a hair mask and catching up on some magazines. Or getting to bed after a long day while taking out the stress on my face with gua sha. Or drinking a fresh gin & tonic while face-masking and listening (read: dancing) to some disco tunes. Balance is key, guys. 


    And so tawell is ready to help you soothe your minds and take care of yourselves. All of the brands you see on this store are attentively chosen. They each stand for a great story which aligns with tawell.


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    We hope you enjoy shopping with us and love taking a moment to treat yourself.



    This is your moment, you have earned it. #momentsuprême


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