Augusta Aroma

Aroma III Nightfall Scented Candle


This complex, sweet and soothing bouquet triggers a delightful relaxing state of mind. With top notes of soothing and floral lavender that fade into the shy heart note of herbal rosemary. The scent ends in a deep base with a hint of patchouli.

Scent notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Patchouli


100 ml

60 hours of burning time


Vegan wax from soy bean and coconut oil

Free from GMO's, palm oil, mineral wax or paraffin.


3 tips to make your candles last longer;

  1. Let the wax melt evenly, all across. To prevent tunnelling.
  2. Trim the wick after every burn.
  3. Keep the flame from moving air.

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