Augusta Aroma

Aroma IV Arabian Dream Scented Candle


Reminiscent of luxurious nights spent in the heart of the Arabian desert. This complex fragrance captures the quintessence of the middle east in all of its splendid colors and aromas. Top notes of slightly sweet rose merge into middle notes of fresh and uplifting mint and ending with the earthy smell of oud wood.   

Scent notes: Rose, Mint, Oud Wood

Tata's Thoughts on the Arabian Dream Scent; ADORE! This one is so good, Oud is always my favourite and this one is just a little more unique than others.


100 ml

60 hours of burning time


Vegan wax from soy bean and coconut oil

Free from GMO's, palm oil, mineral wax or paraffin.


3 tips to make your candles last longer;

  1. Let the wax melt evenly, all across. To prevent tunnelling.
  2. Trim the wick after every burn.
  3. Keep the flame from moving air.

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