The Hayo'u Method

Body Restorer


An age-old deep body massage, redefined. Support circulation and lymphatic drainage, and release deep tension with the Body Restorer, for instant muscle relief and recovery. An intense and powerful treatment for peak performance – keep it in your sports bag – but also a deeply restorative massage at your fingertips, anytime, to calm and soothe.


  • The ultimate deep body massage tool
  • Alleviate tight, tired muscles
  • Supports circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Instant muscle relief for peak performance


100% stainless steel

Tata's Thoughts on the Body Restorer: this one is great for a deeper massage than the Jade Restorer as indeed you feel an instant muscle relief. Your skin will feel warm and even start to look a bit red, but this is normal, this means that you are taking the most out of this tool. Start with mild pressure and gently increase the pressure over time.


Expertly designed for safe self-treatment through clothing or with Hayo’u Body Oil ideally after a bath or shower. It’s made from 100% stainless steel and comes with a protective velvet touch. Use after exercise as an intense treatment for instant relief, or everyday for a deeply restorative all-over massage to calm and relax.

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