The Bathtime Set

€115,00 €131,45

Moment suprême all the way, slip into your comfy slippers while running a bath. Fill the bath with Mauli Rituals' Himalayan Healing bath salts laced with powdered rose quartz crystals to bring a sense of wellbeing, clarity and calm in an overly stimulated world.

A perfect wellbeing gift for self and others; the healing salts help to balance pH levels so powerful nutrients better absorb deeply into the skin, thereby replenishing depleted minerals, cleansing physical toxins and soothing aching bones and heightened emotions.

While in the bath first put on the face mask to cancel out any impurities.

Then melt away muscular aches and pains with Mauli Rituals' Scrub. This one also stimulates sluggish circulation, exfoliates deeply and ensures powerful minerals are better absorbed into the skin, simply apply in circular motions from tip-to-toe, while in bath or shower and then rinse off as normal.

This moment suprême will leave you energised yet relaxed and whole again. You're going to want to repeat this moment over and over again.

Set contains 1 pair of white slippers with bow, 1 Himalayan Healing Salts, 1 Himalayand Hand & Body Scrub and 1 The Good Fight sheet mask. 

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