The Body Restoring Set

€95,00 €107,95

This set is for the person who want to take care of their body in a new yet age-old way. The set contains the Yang Sheng book by The Hayu'o's Method founder, which talks about the 2,500 year old Chinese philosophy on how to nourish life. It can be described as a self-help book, to the best version of yourself. 

Also contains a Body Restorer which pairs brilliantly with the Body Oil. The book will teach you how to care for your body with the Restorer so you can level up. 

The Body Restorer supports circulation and lymphatic drainage, and releases deep tension and is meant for instant muscle relief and recovery. An intense and powerful treatment for peak performance but also a deeply restorative massage at your fingertips, anytime, to calm and soothe.

Set contains 1 Yang Sheng book, 1 Body Restorer and 1 Body Oil (100 ml).

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