The Body Selfcare Set

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Start your new selfcare moment suprême with The Established's highly moisturizing, mild exfoliating soap which is great for dry and sensitive skin. This soap rinses clean without leaving the soapy film behind. Then give your breasts extra care with Boobilious oil, the oil is specially designed for breasts, as breasts, together with the lymph nodes and thin skin in that area, require a different treatment than the rest of the body.

The unique combination of essential and deeply nourishing oils not only provides health and beauty benefits, but also reminds us to check and get to know the breasts regularly, which is another great way to connect with yourself. The ritual also helps to get to know breasts better and recognise changes early. The addition of lemon oil also supports lymphatic drainage in the most effective, conscious and beautiful way.

100% vegan, natural and cruelty-free.

Step 1: Fill the pipette twice or as needed and rub the oil on both palms.

Step 2: Start massaging the breasts in a circular motion, 10 times clockwise and 10 times anticlockwise, until the product is completely absorbed.

Step 3: Cherish the moment and hold on to the feeling of connection with yourself as long as possible.

Set contains 1 Rose Cleansing Bar (115 gr) and 1 Boobilious oil (30 ml).

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